We have been in our present home for ten years. I REALLY want to move into a new (or old) house so I can start fresh with new decorating ideas …. and we’d like a little bit more land.

So now we’re in the process of staging our house so people will just fall in love with everything about the house and want to spend MANY dollars so they can live in this lovely home!

Which then leads to MANY hours of work for us. The LOML is soooo happy to be married to me. Never a dull moment!!

I will share what our stager has told us to do to get as much as we can for our house. I will pass on all her wisdom and our hard work for each room.

Our living room/office/computer game room ~ It started out as a living room then got changed to an office for the LOML but he quickly got booted out by the kiddos. We then had to figure out how to arrange the furniture so the boys could play their games together all in the same room. The picture above is our boys in the living room the day we moved in (2001).

This is our living room all staged. No carpet on the floor (shows off the wood floors), all the clutter is bye – bye (don’t look in the drawers!), walls are painted Cliveden Sandstone by Valspar,

we kept the furniture to a minimum (I moved a couch out) to make the room look bigger,

all the music books are hidden,

cabinets are decorated minimally and impersonally (no family pictures, college memorabilia, anything personal), or it’s hidden in decorative baskets,

greenery is a great shelf-filler,

AND the biggie ……. we had to get rid of all our brass!!!!! Do you know how much brass is in a house built in early 2000??  LOTS and LOTS!! We went wild with the black spray paint. We found out you can paint ANYTHING with a can of Valspar satin finish black spray paint. We painted our curtain rods, cabinet pulls, chandeliers, door knobs, door stops, and door hinges. A lot of work but soooo worth it.

Please tell me what you think. Have a great night!


Love ya,