THE BEAUTIFUL OUTDOORS ~ and a thunderstorm acomin’

We spent the whole weekend outside tilling our yard.

 The LOML and I have had a running disagreement about Fescue (cool weather grass) or Zoysia (warm weather grass). I don’t like brown grass. I JUST DON’T LIKE IT!!! But the LOML says you can either have brown grass in the winter or the summer because he refuses to have our water bill cost more than our mortgage in the summer! So …. which one? Well it’s the end of summer and our grass looks as brown as dirt! SO …. we’re tilling it all up and reseeding most of the yard.

When we first moved into this house 10 years ago, the builder sodded the front (in other words, put down a layer of grass on top of a hard – as – brick ground of clay) and seeded the back (in other words threw seeds onto a hard – as – brick ground of clay). About 8 years ago we tilled and got rid of thousand of rocks in the backyard and reseeded. We had a beautiful backyard lawn. Well, eight years later we’re doing the front FINALLY! And when I see “we” I mean “the LOML and wonderful son #4.” I’m just picking up the rocks and clumps of dead grass that the tiller is pulling out of the ground for me. OH MY ACHING BACK!!

Here’s the awesome machine with two of my favorite men hard at work

After we finished throwing the wheat straw on top of the seed,

 the clouds rolled in. PERFECT TIMING!!!

 Praying for a beautiful green lawn soon so we can sell our house!!

So the real question….FESCUE or  ZOYSIA????????????? What do y’all think?

Love ya,



  1. I am with you…I hate brown grass BUT I am with the LOYL and hate a high water bill….if it was me, I would just live in the back yard where the grass is great and close my eyes as I drove down the street until I got into the house..LOL!

  2. Pam, You are so right! I can live in denial!!