A GREAT FOUR LETTER WORD ~ DEAL!!! Let’s redo the kitchen!

This weekend we found a listing on Craigslist (have I mentioned I LOVE CRAIGSLIST?!) for all four kitchen appliances in stainless steel for $1500!!! I’ve wanted to replace my white ones forever. My dishwasher door is broken, one of my sons (using no names Son #3) put an aluminum can of peaches in the microwave to thaw and now the microwave has a mind of its own … it keeps running after I open and remove what I’ve cooked and closed the door again. Also, the refrigerator has a leak in the water/ice dispenser in the door.

The new appliances are only 2 years old (ours are 10 years old) and were in a house that was used as a second house for out of town company. They look BRAND new!! YIPPEE!

Just wanted to explain why I kept our white oven installed.

I LOVE my double oven!! With a large family and lots of entertaining, I HAVE to have a double oven BUT I couldn’t afford to buy two ovens so I found this cool one at Lowe’s Home Improvement. It fit right into the space and it was only $1200. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!! We’ll install the stainless steel oven when we’re ready to put our house on the market. Maybe after the holidays.

It’s time to redo our kitchen! I can hear the LOML jumping up and down with excitement as I type!!

Just wanted to show y’all the fortune that my Son #4 got one night when we had Chinese food take-out for dinner. NOTE: He is the one who REALLY doesn’t want to move!!

Hee! Hee!

Love ya,