FAMILY ROOM ~ Is it yellow or green?

Our family room is the hub of our house. EVERYTHING happens in the family room. When we were moving into our present house, I picked the paint color for the walls to match a couch we had bought on clearance. After the painters had finished painting the walls “green” I walked in and said “YIKES!” It was more like yellow with a tint of green.

Well, talk about caving under peer pressure. I got so many compliments about the color from friends, family, even construction workers! I HAD to keep the yellowish green wall color. After time, it did grow on me.

Here is the family room all painted before we moved in.

The room decorated with my clearance sale couch and yellowish green walls.

To stage, we repainted the walls almost the same color (minus some yellow) with Mint Frost by Valspar, repainted the trim, decluttered the bookcases,

 replaced our flowered (and falling apart) couch with a Craigslist-find eggplant colored couch (OH SO COMFY!), moved the fish tank to the foyer, removed the extra large chair and ottoman (to make the room less cluttered), took down the window valences, painted a large brass mirror white and hung it above my new workspace (desk and two monitor computer),

 replaced our brass fan with a brassless white one (Craigslist), and replaced the green coffee table (another Craigslist find) with this great leather ottoman which I want to cover just the top with a patterned material to add some texture to an otherwise solid colored room. I found this great idea at Starr Family Blog.

What do y’all think?

Love ya,