I GOT MY BLUES BACK ~ Lots of pictures!!

After I painted over the navy blue walls in my dining room to neutralize, I was surprisingly sad. I didn’t know how emotionally tied I was to my blues. So, I had a brainstorm! I’ll paint the dining room furniture blue!!

Here’s the before:

The table and chairs were hand-me-downs. The burgundy armchairs and china hutch were Craigslist buys. I love a good deal! All were lovingly used A LOT!

I took the doors off the hutch, replaced the glass shelves with wood, replaced the awful gold foiled wallpaper in the back of the hutch to beadboard wallpaper I found at Lowes. Whoever invented this wonderful thing has got my vote!!! I’M LOVIN’ IT!!!

I sanded each piece with 200 grit sandpaper, painted two coats of Valspar Precious Sapphire paint, then polyurethaned with three coats. I felt like I had a paintbrush stuck to my hand even when I wasn’t painting anymore! Pouty face. But I’m loving my blues!!

For the shelves, we bought two pieces of 12″x 6′ paint grade panels, which we added rounded molding to make the edge appear more finished.

This is the beadboard paneling ~ LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!!
The hardware BEFORE (which I soaked in vinegar and warm water 1:1 for an hour. You should have seen it before. It was barely gold!)

AFTER ~ with two coats of Valspar black spray paint and two coats of Valspar clear coat. Thank you to Son #4 for a job well done!

And here is the after:
We bought a dining room table and six chairs which I am in the process of painting. I’ll post those pictures when I’m done. I know the anticipation is killing you, isn’t it??
What do you think of the blue? I know it’s bold but I just LOVE it!!
Love ya,


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it and your creativity! We are almost ready to start spraying our master bath fixtures. Hope our results are as good as yours! Great job! The Lauffers miss you all!