THE KITCHEN ~ and pass the wallpaper scraper!!

We had never hung or tore down wallpaper before moving into our present house. I NEVER want to do either again … EVER!! I saw a beautiful wallpaper in a friend’s kitchen so when I moved into this house I wanted to copy! I LOVE COPYING PRETTY THINGS!

I didn’t have a great picture of the wallpaper so I found this picture of Daughter #2 (isn’t she cute?) with a good picture of the wallpaper in the background.

Here is a before of the kitchen:

Ten years later, we had a big hole in the wall, many stains on the paper and it was lifting all over the place so we decided to tear it down. WOW! What a lot of work! We sprayed the walls with wallpaper remover solution, let it soak in and started pulling.

One of three things happened:
1) The paper came down with no problem;
2) The paper did NOT come down ;
3) or the wall came down with the paper!!!

Some pictures

The LOML (Love of My Life!) working hard!

The hole

After much patchwork (a big shout out to our friends Marge and Karl for all their help!!), sanding, and clean-up, we could get to the FUN part….PAINTING!!

 Here are the green walls painted with Valspar Mint Frost:

Note the Panera Bagels box on the island (YUMMY!)

I just LOVE the green!! Goodbye wallpaper!
We then painted all the brass knobs, cabinet pulls and chandelier and pendant lights black. We replaced the white appliances with stainless steel appliances (I LOVE THEM!!!). You can read about how we found them here.
The after:
Now, take note: my kitchen NEVER looks like this. I removed everything off the counters, island, and floors for this picture. Remember, we want to sell our house so we have to declutter and depersonalize. I HATE IT!! 
The kitchen table we bought at a naked furniture store and I stained and polyurethaned it. It’s the perfect shape and size for our family. I painted the chairs the same color as the walls. Then covered with a couple of coats of poly as well. 

Yes, that is a thick layer of dust on the pendant light. And no, I don’t dust very often. I think it adds a little character don’t you?
What we want to do: 
1) Paint the cabinets white and glaze,
2) Replace the formica countertops with something else? Or paint them?
Tell me what you think of my kitchen. Has anyone painted their counters? Good or bad experience?
Have a great weekend!
Love ya,