Christmas Decorating ~ for Thanksgiving?

For the last few years we have had the honor of entertaining my husband’s family for Thanksgiving. Because they all live out of the state, we celebrate Christmas during their visit. We decorate our house and exchange Christmas gifts.

The downside of our decorating early is….I KEEP decorating until Christmas!! Every day I change something or find an empty niche somewhere. I’m driving my family absolutely crazy!

As you’ll see from the pictures….I LOVE RED! As I read all the wonderful blogs that I’m addicted to, I notice that many very talented women are decorating with more neutral whites and grays and blues. Well, I just can’t seem to get rid of my red!

Here’s my very red house!

Our Tree
I bought this personalized ornament at a kiosk at the mall
My sweet Cinderella (Daughter #1)

I put our Christmas picture into a frame I bought at Hallmark
Son #2 got his driver’s license a couple of years ago. I bought the ornament
from Personal Creations
Daughter #2’s favorite ornament. Ariel from Little Mermaid

                                           SOME DECORATIONS AROUND THE HOUSE

Remember my copycatter dining room centerpiece?
Here’s the Christmas version. I got the candles from
I filled the vases up with our favorite candies
My favorite…plain M&Ms

Hershey Kisses
Peanut M&Ms

During the day…….
and at night.

How are your decorations coming? I’m going to continue decorating until December 24th. I’m gonna drive my family a little bit more crazy!!!

Love ya,