I "so" DO NOT SEW ~ and new pillows!

Remember my new leather ottoman that I covered with the pretty plaid fabric? If you’d like to be reminded you can see the project here.

I’ve mentioned before that I “so” do not sew! But I really wanted to make coordinating pillows for the eggplant colored couch to match the ottoman. I was in a dilemma. UNTIL I found this wonderful tutorial at Hi Sugarplum! Making pillows with NO sewing … fathom that!

The best part is it was SO easy!!

Here are all my materials:

pillows, scissors, Steam-a-Seam 2, and fabric

I cut 2 pieces of fabric the size of the pillow plus 2 inches on each side for each pillow I was going to cover.

I cut the Steam-a-Seam 2

the length of each of three sides (6 pieces) and stuck it to the fabric. (NOTE: my fabric doesn’t have a wrong side but if your fabric does, put the Steam-a-Seam 2 on the wrong side because you will be turning the material right side out after ironing and cooling.

I carefully placed one piece of fabric onto the other piece of fabric so the Steam-a-Seam 2 pieces matched up. I ironed each of the three sides (following the directions on the box) about 15-20 seconds each.

I let it cool, turned it right side out and TADA…….

I had a pocket to place my pillow in. I tried a few different ways to close the last side.

 #1 After putting the pillow into the sleeve, I folded each piece of fabric on the open side about one inch and straight pinned it to  make a hem.

 I then added more Steam-a-Seam 2 to each flap. It was very tricky to iron (ask my fingers, they have little burn blisters on them).

#2 The next way I tried was to Steam-a-Seam a hem first, then Steam-to-Seam the two sides together.

I put the Steam-a-Seam on and rubbed with my finger.

I pealed the paper backing off to reveal the sticky tape.

I folded the fabric over and rubbed.

Then I ironed for 15-20 seconds each area
Here is the hem on both sides

I put the pillow into the sleeve, stuck more Steam-a-Seam on each hem and pulled the fabric together to iron.

Does that make sense? It didn’t work very well!

#3 I just sewed it closed. Remember: I SO DO NOT SEW! SO my wonderful LOML sewed them for me. There’s so many reasons I love the LOML, and this is one example! He’s the best! I’m a failure as a photographer because I didn’t get a picture of the LOML sitting on the floor with pillow, needle and thread in hand! I missed a Kodak moment!

Here’s all four pillows. I got better with each pillow. The fourth side was the hardest to do but all in all it was a pretty easy project for someone who never thought she could make a pillow!!!

Have you ever used Steam-a-Seam? I love it!! It’s a wonderful product for someone who so does not sew!

Happy New Year Y’all !!

Love ya,