I HEART VALENTINE’S DAY~ and happy birthday LOML

I have finally gotten around to decorating for Valentine’s Day….or the LOML’s birthday. What a GREAT birthday! Can you imagine everyone celebrating your birthday by giving candy. And I decorate the house for him! Heck of a wife I am!

Here are a few of my pretties

Easy Sneezy!! I cut out four hearts from regular card stock paper. You could use felt, cardboard,  posterboard, foamboard, the list is endless. I did this on the fly so I used what I had.

I cut two slits in each top for the ribbon.

I found a fuschia pink highlighter (only thing I had) and drew different patterns on each heart.
I wrote each letter and laced the ribbon through each. TADA! Like I said “EASY SNEEZY!”

Here it is again

A little honesty here. I cropped this baby as close as possible so you couldn’t see what my family room looks like on a daily basis!! I don’t know you that well…yet!

My dining room centerpiece. I just love decorating this differently every holiday!

My Lillian Vernon front door wreath. I just love Lillian Vernon. She has such neat home decorations and for a pretty good price.

Hope y’all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Back to working on the kitchen!

Love ya,