I LOVE PINK ~ and it really is a girl color!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ve enjoyed seeing a lot of pink today. Pink flowers, pink pants, pink walls, pink butterflies, pink dresses, pink boxes and on and on.

Let’s enjoy some pink together!

My daughters’ room
My flowers out on the deck

My daughter’s Valentine card box that she brought to school to collect all her cool gifts from her friends (sorry for the fuzzy picture)

My front door wreath
The LOML bought me flowers! He’s so sweet!
My daughter’s whole outfit was pink today. This is her hair barrett. Of course, I didn’t get a picture of her outfit. Close your eyes and imagine…..fuschia turtle neck sweater, fuschia tights, jean skorts with pink hearts all over it. She looked absolutely adorable. After four boys, dressing girls is soooooo much fun!
More pink!
Hope y’all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
Love ya,