THE KITCHEN REDO ~ what we did this week

What a busy week this has been so far in our house! We’ve had Valentine’s Day,

 the LOML’s birthday,

We all thought of words that best describe the LOML alias Dad

Son #4’s birthday,

Son #4 loves UNC’s Harrison Barnes

a basketball game,

horseback riding lessons

and we’re working on the kitchen.

My house is a complete wreck! We finished the island except for the butcherblock countertop which is “in the mail”.

1. Took the countertop off
2.  Removed the drawers, doors and trim
3.  Removed hardware off of drawers and doors
4.  Degreased all surface areas
5.  Sanded all surface areas
5.  Wiped down all surface areas
6.  Primed all surface areas
7.  Glued and nailed beadboard paneling onto three sides
8.  Painted with two coats lightly sanding in between each coat
9.  Let dry for 48 hours
10. Attached all doors, drawers, and trim
11. Put ugly countertop back on because I can’t survive without my island!!

We also changed out the pendant lights with these beautiful babies ~

We bought two legs to attach to the overhang of the butcher block countertop that we got from Lowe’sZoomed: Severe Weather 2 x 2 x 36 Colonial Treated Deck Spindle
Like this at


We also primed the next section of the kitchen ~ the desk.

The two white sections will be open shelving. We’re going to cover the back with beadboard wallpaper and paint it the same color as the walls (Mint Frost by Valspar).

How was your week? Happy President’s Day!

Love ya,


  1. love it all!!! can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  2. Thanks Mavis!! It’s coming along pretty fast. Can’t wait until it’s finished even though I’m having fun during the process! Miss you! ~ Linda