We are SOOOOOOOOOO enjoying our new kitchen counters and sink. The LOML said sleeping in the kitchen was a very bad idea but I really wanted to!!
Me and Son #4 did a little project today I thought I would share with you.
A while back we painted the door and drawer pulls black with our trusty black spray paint. We also spray painted the chandelier and pendant lights over the island. Because the kitchen is going to be all white with a touch of black, I wanted to bring in a brighter color. APPLE GREEN
Isn’t it lovely??
I’m having fun looking for this color everywhere.
While searching for ideas I had a brainstorm! The chandelier had off-white shades on it before we painted it. What if……..
I painted the main area of the shade white
and the trim apple green?
What do y’all think?
I taped off one section to paint the other.

 I used acrylic paint.

 Waited for it to dry. Pulled the tape off. Taped off the painted section to paint the other section. Does that make sense? Here’s some pictures to clarify my really bad explanation!

This is not the chandelier that the shades will end up on. They are just drying on the dining room chandelier.

And the finished product

It was easy sneezy!  And I do mean sneezy around here. The green pollen is everywhere and it makes my little nose want to run away and hide!

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

Love ya,


  1. What a great pop of color.Looks great.

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