DINING ROOM CURTAINS ~ adding a little personality

It makes me so happy to transform a room from blah to wow!
When I finished painting all the furniture in my dining room (and there was a lot of furniture!), I was so relieved. And it looked great. You can read all about it here.
So when the dining room went from this…
to this after we staged it to sell our house (I missed my blue soooo much!),
to this
I was VERY happy.
Except for these…
Sheer white boring curtains to the floor.
Bordered Silk Drapes and Curtains
bordered drape design - I love this look.
So I made these….
I used the same fabric that I used on the chair cushions. Because I “SO DO NOT SEW” I used Heat ‘n Bond to do each hem.

Fold the hem over, iron for 8-10 seconds and let cool. You have a nice strong hem!!!
So easy peasy!!
Because we added the topper to the curtains, I ended up with this…
Now I don’t know if you know me well enough yet but I’m going to share a secret about myself. My middle name is…
So what am I to do. Should I cut and measure??? I did some research and I found this chart:
Well, looky here! If I fix them, it will be “formal”. I’m soooo not formal! If I leave them the way they are, I’m romantic. OOHHHH LAALAA! I’ll take that!
We spray painted the curtains rods, brackets, and finials that were already in the dining room black.


We bought these black drapery clip rings from Walmart.
What do you think? I absolutely love how they turned out!!
Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think!
Love y’all,