KITCHEN REDO ~ A change of plans!

What do they say about “Best laid plans”!?

RECAP:  We were planning on saving a little moolah on the kitchen countertops by marbling our old countertops by ourselves.

I painted our old island countertop (we are replacing it with butcher block which came in TODAY!!!!! More on that later…) SOOOOOOO I painted the countertop white and taped it off into two different areas. I was planning on trying two different techniques that I found on the internet.

I tried the first technique by wiping the white countertop with a mixture of two parts white paint, one part glaze, two drops of black acrylic paint and a drop of Cobalt blue acrylic paint.

I followed up by pushing the paint with a fuzzy pad that came with the kit I bought here to make distinctive lines for the veining. Then I followed up by using a bird feather to make darker, thinner veins. It looked like crap dog poopy!

Attempt #2: I used the second technique by taking a paint brush and squiggling gray lines then lightly feathering with a chip brush. It looked like crap dog poopy!! I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of it!

Attempt #3: I did a mixture of the two techniques that I thought might work better. It looked like crap dog poopy too! Ditto on no camera because it was an awful stinky mess!

I QUIT!!! These very talented women I was trying to copy must be artists because I could not live up! If you remember what I stated in my last post about the tree mural in my daughters’ room, I am SOOOO not an artist!!


Okay, let’s move on! This morning, after picking my ego up off the floor, we went to the pros. For anyone in the Raleigh area, we went to Stone Top Granite and Tile. We told Dan, the wonderful salesman, exactly what we were looking for. We gave him the measurements of our kitchen and he’s e-mailing an estimate to us on Monday. He’s giving us the cost for Carrera Marble, River White Granite, and Caesarstone Misty Carrera Quartz countertops. Then we will make our decision. Our three biggest decision makers will be the cost (of course), the color (I want the look of carrera marble), and durability (lots of kids) in that order.

I’ll let you know what Dan says and what our decision is on Monday because I want to get this kitchen FINISHED!

Speaking of finishing the kitchen, the IKEA butcher block came in today and I’M IN LOVE!

In the meantime, we’ll be taking down doors and drawers off the next section of the kitchen and sanding and priming tomorrow.

What are y’all doing this weekend?