KITCHEN UPDATE ~ three sections down, two to go

I love watching my kitchen transform into a fresh and bright room!

We have finished the third section of the kitchen around the dishwasher.

The LOML hung beadboard paneling on four sides of the cupboard.

Notice the gap in the floor trim ~ the LOML is going to trim out the whole area to give it a nice clean look.

We also finished the new hidden garbage can.

The Stone Company came yesterday to make the template for the granite countertops. Installation is scheduled for March 22nd!!! I’m so excited!

We ordered a new pantry door from Home Depot for $170.

When it comes in, I will prime and paint and hang it. I’m waffling on what color to paint it. Green, white, black. What do y’all think? The only scary part is exposing my cluttered pantry to the world! Maybe it will give me some incentive to keep it organized. HA!While we were at Lowes we bought a Delta Savile faucet for $188. The LOML loves using the water sprayer so we bought one that pulls out. I love a built in soap dispenser so we’re happy all around!

Delta Savile Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet with Soap Dispenser in Venetian Bronze

These beautiful babies greeted me when I walked into AC Moore a few days ago. I think it puts a big smile in my kitchen. What do you think?


Are y’all working on any projects around the house? I’d love to hear!Good night everyone!

Love ya,Linda


  1. Love the work you are doing! I am about to start painting mine, so I have been trying to find others who have done the same. I am nervous about picking the right “white” paint. What did you go with?

    Good work!!!


    • Amy ~ Thank you so much! We’ve been working on our kitchen for a long time and we’re now coming down to the wire. I’m just working on the accessories then I’ll do the complete kitchen reveal. Can’t wait to be done! The paint I used was Sherwin Williams ProClassic Smooth Enamel Finish for Trim and Doors in gloss finish Extra White. It was amazing! You just have to be careful of drips. After you’re done painting, the paint still “moves” so I kept going back and catching the drips every couple of minutes. Good luck on your kitchen! It’s soooo worth it! Come back and visit ~ Linda

  2. Wow! This is so creative and looks fantastic. Great job!

  3. colleen nash says:

    I hae been wantign ot take on this task myself!  Great idea to do it in sections!!  I have a large kitchen and the task sems so daunting but breakig it up makes it more manageable.  Cant wait to see your finished product! – colleen

    • Thanks Colleen~It really was a daunting task. I thought it would never end but breaking it up made it easier to handle. We felt some accomplishment with each finished section. I’d say “Go for it!!” We love our finished kitchen! ~Linda