RECAP ON THE KITCHEN ~ and all that fun stuff!

Okay everyone….RECAP on the kitchen reno. We got the estimate on the granite and marble countertops.

$2300 for the granite  *YEAH*
$2700 for the marble
$175 for the ogee edge
comes with free sink

We’re going to the granite store tomorrow to see the River White slab to see if it is close to the Misty Carrera  in the quartz. That’s the one I fell in love with. But the countertop guy said the quartz is more expensive than either the granite or marble. That shocked me! Anyway, we’ll schedule for the countertops to be put in. I’m so excited!!!!

We’ve primed and put two coats of white paint on the third section of the kitchen.

The butcher block guy who’s cutting the ogee edge, came and took the IKEA butcher block countertop we’re going to put on the island. We gave him a picture of what edge we want and he’ll send us an estimate.

For many years I’ve struggled with where to put a garbage can in the kitchen. It’s dirty and stinky so you don’t want it near the food preparation areas. BUT you want it near the food preparation areas when you’re preparing food. Do you see and understand the dilemma??

Our garbage can is at the end of the island, right in front of the stove. Well, every time we open it with the little foot pedal, it whacks the island wood and leaves a mark. Now that we have beautiful white beadboard, that lid IS NOT hitting it anymore.

I did my research yesterday and I found this sweet baby

We also bought the door mount kit

Rev-A-Shelf Door Mount Kit for RV Series White
I’m so excited to be able to have my garbage can near me BUT NOT TOO NEAR ME if you get my drift!
So things are moving along pretty smoothly…but of course NOT fast enough for me.
I’ll keep you posted.
On a whole other topic….
I have gotten so many sweet comments about the tree mural I painted in my girls room. You can see it here. It is such an awesome feeling when someone appreciates what you do. Thank you so much for coming and reading my blog. Sometimes, just throwing your heart out there not being able to see who’s looking can be scary.But what I do is worth every second for one nice word. I’m a brand new blogger and I’m taking baby steps into blogland.

500 people have looked at my mural entry. That is one great BIG hug for me. I hope you enjoy what you see. I hope it inspires you to do something outside of your box. Please come back and visit and if you want, follow me. PLEASE!!

Love ya,Linda