Yesterday I wrote about this cool kit from Rev-a-Shelf. It came in the mail today. Have I mentioned I LOVE my UPS man! I get excited every time I see that big brown truck in my neighborhood!

Back on subject….our garbage cans will be IN the cabinet instead of OUTSIDE at the end of the island banging against it and leaving ugly marks all over the wood.
Pretty cool huh? The cabinet door needs one more coat of paint, then we’ll attach it with the door mount kit that we ordered. We also have to hang the beadboard paneling to the left of the cabinet there.
And on another note, we went to the granite warehouse this morning to pick out the slab of granite we want for the countertops. Have y’all ever been to a place like that? It was the coolest thing. Hundreds of slabs of granite, marble, and quartz all over the place. It was a lot of fun. Walking around, I was drawn to the marble slabs. I want a white countertop with very subtle gray/black veining. BUT, we decided we would not get marble for one very important reason.
The nice man who helped us explained it like this: If you throw a set of keys on a piece of granite, there would be NO mark. If you throw the same set of keys at marble or quartz, it would leave a scratch. The marble could not be fixed, the quartz could be fixed. We voted for the granite.
Here’s what we found:  KASHMIR WHITE
This is exactly how all the slabs looked at the place we went. This is not the slab we got. Of course, we didn’t bring our camera with us. The piece we picked has a few black veins and some black spots. I really like the look of the slab we picked. It’s not marble but that’s okay. I can throw my keys, drop things, and not mark it up. You can’t argue with that!
Tomorrow, I’ll paint the last coat of paint on this section of the kitchen and hang the beadboard. Then it’s off to the fourth section of the kitchen. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s just a little far away!
Thanks for reading!
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