PAINTING THE PANTRY DOOR ~ so many choices

Cornelius Celsus once said “Live in rooms full of light.” Well, I guess I can live in my pantry now.
I told you in this post that we bought a new 10 window pantry door. We went to Home Depot, gave the nice man in the door section the measurements (which we had to call Son #3 to get measurements we didn’t get like the door knob).
The door came in about four weeks later and sat in the garage while I tortured over what color to paint it ~ white, black, green, yellow, and the list goes on and on.
In this post I shared all the inspiration I’ve seen for bold colorful doors. I found myself leaning towards apple green and some of you shared your VERY smart opinions of doing the same. Great minds think alike!!
And here is our new pantry door!
I just LOVE it!! Forgive the missing door knob and messy pantry. Real life is ugly!
Hanging the door was quite an adventure. Because it was pre-measured, when we put the hinges back on and went to connect it to the hinges on the frame, it wouldn’t match. Did I mention the door weighs 15,000 pounds (quite the exaggeration but go with me!). We ended up having to move two of the hinges a very slight amount. When we finally got them to match, we went to close the door. OOPS! It couldn’t close.
 Expletive! Expletive! Expletive!
 I feel so much better! The LOML went to Lowe’s to get sandpaper for our electric sander. While he was there, he asked one of the very knowledgeable men in the blue aprons what else we could do to get the door to fit. We were going to have to sand quite a bit of layers of wood off for it to fit. The wonderful, smart, brilliant Lowe’s man said to bang on the frame a couple of times.
WOW!!!! Thank you for saving me from sanding for two days! It worked!! We just have to caulk the frame trim a bit because it separated but our pantry door now closes. YEAH!!!! Happy dance!
When we were going to put the hardware back on, I didn’t like the feel of the old door knob. So I googled door knobs. I’ve always loved the old crystal knobs from my grandmother’s house. So I found a door knob I really like here.
Copper Mountain RDK Fluted Glass Knob Indoor Door Handle
I absolutely love them!!! Can’t wait to install them when my wonderful UPS man comes to visit me!! Have I mentioned I have a secret crush on my delivery men (or women). I LOVE getting packages in the mail!
A couple more pictures of the cool green pantry door
You can see a small part of the finished island. After SIX coats of polyurethane on the butcherblock, the color is so rich and warm and shiny. It’s holding up pretty good so far.
What do you think of the color of the pantry door? The two tones of green (wall vs. door) was a little hard for me at first but it’s growing on me.
Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend. In our house, we’re hanging beadboard….STILL!
Love y’all,


  1. Linda,
    Glad you got that door on.The color looks more yellow.But is that green on your wall back there?Looks like a good color for your door with that greenish yellow on the wall(upper cabinet).I am liking your choice in hardware.You are brave.It is hard to keep my pantry neat.Mine is a bit smaller than yours.I like to keep my messy stuff closed off to the world LOL.Have a great weekend.BTW LOVE your counter tops.They look great too.

    • Anne~You are always so sweet! Thank you for reading my blog. I really appreciate every time you come! It puts a smile on my face. You’re right about the pantry. Even if I’m good enough to organize it (I think I’ve organized twice in 10 years!!) it gets trashed by the next day. What’s the point?? ~Linda

  2. Wow, I love your blog! Two reasons why, first, you seem pretty new to blogging just like myself and secondly, because you seem to be doing the exact thing to your kitchen that I want to get the guts to do to mine. I’m looking forward to seeing your kitchen come together

    • Thanks Carol~I am very new to this whole blogging thing. I’m having a blast! I love doing projects around the house and now I get to share all my crazy ideas with you guys. Everyone is so nice in blogland. Are you seeing that too? We are almost done with the whole kitchen project so please come back in a couple of days. You can let me know what you think. Thanks again~Linda

  3. Cassandra Smith says:

    I am so happy that I came upon your blog! I am renovating one of my rental properties which is an 80 plus year old bungalow that has a built in pantry among many other wonderful features, and I have 2 vintage French doors. My idea was to use one for the pantry door because I too love the glass front and because I already have them and budget is nearing its end, it is also a cost saving option.  So, your post has just solidified my choice! I love your door and the color is bold and daring! Thank you for the inspiration and I too look forward to seeing more of your projects! Cassandra 

    • Thank you so much Cassandra! I love our pantry door. And I can change the color if I ever need to. I think it adds a little elegance. Thanks for reading! And good luck on your renovation. Sounds like a lot of fun! ~Linda