PANTRY DOOR INSPIRATION ~ and a lot of color!

In this post I told you about the new 10 window pane pantry door we bought from Home Depot. I can’t decide what color to paint it.
During our kitchen renovation, I’ve been seeing a lot of inspiration for colorful doors.
Here’s some that I just love!
Colorful doors
Colorful Painted Interior Doors
The colorful front door to emily hensen's studio]  From's Sneak Peeks: Best of Front Doors
Three things I find necessary for my future home: 1. Colorful doors, everywhere. 2. painted celines. and 3. A tree swing
Painted pantry doors.
Coastal Living
I haven’t chosen a color for the pantry door yet but I know the sky is the limit. Should I go conservative, bold, or anywhere in between??

What do y’all think?

Love ya,Linda


  1. Linda, I love the coastal blue screen door and that is the inspiration for my laundry room door which is off my kitchen….not gonna be blue but it is going to be a screen door. I believe i would go bold and paint the pained pantry door the pretty green color you have used. Go bold!!!

  2. Linda,
    I love that blue as well.I am not that daring with bright colors in my home.But you have to follow your heart and do what makes you happy.If looking at it makes you smile everyday it is worth it!My front door is bright red.And I LOVE it.