A NEW POST ~ or should I say newel post

When I clicked on the button “New Post” to write this new post, I giggled because this post is about two newel posts we added to our kitchen island today.
We bought two newel posts from Lowe’s (they are the ones used for the bottom of staircase railings)
Sons #3 & #4 primed and painted each post white.
They were about 6 inches too long to fit under the butcherblock countertop on the island. The LOML measured and cut the extra 6 inches off. He used two 3 inch wood screws to screw the top of each post to the underside of the counter. The other end of the post was what I call the ball. I love the character it adds so when the LOML asked if he could cut it off to make the end flat I begged him not to. So, to appease me, the wonderful LOML just sanded the rounded top to be flat enough to sit flush against the floor.
Son #4 helped with predrilling the holes
And the finished product and very fancy new kitchen island
The LOML filled in the nail holes with wood putty. We’re going to sand it, touch up with white paint and VOILA. It will be complete!
(Footnote: the little box peeking out from behind the island….it’s the evil Nutrisystem food that is trying to kill me!!)
We also installed the fancy crystal doorknob to the new apple green 10 paned window pantry door
See what a little bling does to a door. I love it! What do y’all think of the newel posts and the new door bling?
Hope y’all are enjoying your weekend. On to the next project…
Love y’all,


  1. Linda.
    LOVE your island with those posts.Your kitchen looks amazing girl!!! Love all the changes you are making.

  2. I love the new newel posts (haha). They look great on the island! Also loving that crystal doorknob.

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