CORBELS ~ an awesome addition to any kitchen!

After we finished the desk portion of the kitchen (you can read about that here), it dawned on us rocket scientists that we forgot to install the corbels before we finished the top trim. In a perfect world, we would have installed the corbels to butt up against the beadboard backsplash, then cut the trim to go around the corbels like this….
and this…
We may go back and add the corbels to the desk after the LOML gets the courage to use one of his nifty tools to gouge cut the portions of the beautiful trim out to squeeze in and attach the corbels. I’ll let you know if/when that happens.

When doing the beadboard backsplash we did exactly the same thing that we did at the desk:

1) Measured and cut the bottom trim
2) Glued the trim to the countertop against the tile backsplash
3) Cut and glued the beadboard to the tile (including cutting the outlet holes)

Around the kitchen window was pretty tricky so I made a template with paper. Then I traced it onto the beadboard. I had no idea what I was doing but it worked out pretty well.

4) Attached the corbels to a piece of 2×4 to have it hang lower so it’s more visible (*This is the part we accidentally skipped when doing the desk!*)

5) Attached the corbels to the underside of the cabinets
6) Measured the top trim and glued it to the top of the beadboard

7) Added dowels to fill in the area at the end of the beadboard between the trim and tile


8) Painted the entire area with one coat of white (same as the cabinets)
9) Caulked everything!

Everything was already primed and painted with the cabinet paint before we cut.
We had some difficult places where the LOML had to use his tricky math and tool skills to get the trim to fit perfectly.

And the last step

10) Enjoy!!



I’ll post the whole kitchen redo when all the “little things” are complete. Can’t wait to show ya’ll!!
Love y’all,