MEN ARE FROM MARS….~women are shafted!

In my last post , I told you about my Nutrisystem diet plan. I’ve been following it pretty well (except for eating out a couple of times and I ate small portions)  ~ eating the menu plan, drinking lots of water, exercising regulary. This is my fifth day of torture dieting, and I haven’t lost a single pound. I’m exactly the same weight I’ve been for months.
Now to explain the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” reference in the title of this post:
The LOML felt compelled to diet too. After all my complaining and whining, he thought he’d join me in my misery adventure!
He started his version of the Atkins Diet the same day I did five days ago. Remember I said “I haven’t lost a single pound”? Well, guess what? He has lost…..GET READY FOR IT…..
 5, five, cinco(Spanish), cinq(French), 五 (Chinese), Cinque (Italian) how many ways can I say it….FIVE POUNDS!!!!!!

How unfair is that??? I carried four babies, went through over 50 hours of labor, I still have “the curse”, stretchmarks, varicose veins and about 40 pounds of fat I can’t lose even when I’m dieting!!!!!!!!!!
The LOML says “I’m gonna copy you and diet” and he loses 5 pounds before he gets off the couch to start!
Okay, enough of that!!!We’ve finished hanging all the beadboard and trim in the kitchen. It looks wonderful and I’ll post pictures very soon. I’m sooooo excited to show y’all.


Love y’all,Linda