OUR KITCHEN TABLE ~ and art project?!

We bought our kitchen table about ten years ago from a nearby naked furniture store. It was my first attempt at staining and varnishing furniture. I had so much fun, I’m still doing it today!
It’s a perfect square shape for the eating space in the room and it fits all eight of us very comfortably. It’s a beautiful honey oak color with Colonial legs that match the chairs. I’ve polyurethaned it a couple of times since then because it gets so much use. One time, I accidentally polyurethaned with the leaf in so that baby ain’t comin’ out!
A few days ago, Daughter #2 wanted to color. She went into our newly organized desk (you can read about that here) and got out what I thought were colored pencils. She was coloring quietly for a long time ~ a little quiet time for me ~ and when she was done she called for me to look at her masterpiece. Of course I looked right past her art and saw this:
AAAHHHHHHH!! Note to self: Get rid of all magic markers!!!
I tried everything to get it out but to no avail.
Well, let’s make some lemonade from lemons!
Do you remember my new beautiful butcherblock island?
My brainstorm is to paint the legs of the table white and stain the top of the table the same stain color as the top of the island. What do you think? I’ve been reading a lot about staining over already stained wood. It can be done but the color is unpredictable.OOHHH, I just saw the black knobs. The table has four drawers with the same shaped knobs. I can paint them black. Oh, do the projects ever end??

Wish me luck!


Love y’all,Linda



  1. Linda,
    Projects don’t end they accumulate LOL.Sounds great can’t wait to see it.

  2. Very nice and beautiful! Its a gorgeous piece!