STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN ~ or upstairs!

Our stairs get a beating every day all day long. We’ve broken a few spindles along the way swinging and wrestling and throwing furniture (a story way too long to tell!).
This is what our staircase looks like
There are a few broken spindles, the railings have been beaten up and are dirty. The kind of dirty you can’t get off.
I’ve seen many staircase inspirations
I love the wood stairs. We can’t do that without a huge price tag. We have carpet and particle board underneath. BUMMER! What I can do is the railing. I love the white rails and the black top rail.
I absolutely love the newel post on the above staircase. And the black door is speaking to me too.
Look at all the molding in this house. It always adds such elegance. I also love the black tops of the posts and railing.
We painted the foyer when we staged the house to put it on the market. It’s painted with Cliveden Sandstone by Valspar. There are no wall hangings at all. The only thing in the space is the fishtank which is the LOML’s favorite hobby. I’m leaning towards a black and white color scheme.

I sanded the whole staircase a couple of days ago. My arms still feel like rubber!

Yesterday, Son #1 and I primed all the wood on the railings. This is the before and during so far.




Today Son #1 and I will paint the first coat of white Sherwin Williams ProClassic gloss paint on the spindles and the bottom where the spindles connect to the staircase. It probably has some important name but I have no idea what it’s called so I’m sticking with what I call it!!

I took a vote of the household on which color I should paint the newel posts. I already know I’m going to paint the railing black. There are 5 newels. I’ve seen where just the top is painted black and the rest is white OR the whole post is black. The boys all voted all black. I see a trip to Lowe’s in my future.

I can’t believe how bright the space is just painting over the oak wood. With how dirty the wood was wherever people touched it, I’m glad it will be black and not white.

Hope y’all are enjoying your week.

Love y’all,


  1. Linda,
    I can’t wait to see how this turns out.This is on my future to do list.

    • Anne~This is not the funnest job I’ve ever done. Painting spindles…BORING!!! I think it will make a nice statement though. I hope anyways. We’ll be done in a few days hopefully! Is your to do list never ending too? ~Linda

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