SANDING, SANDING ~ and more sanding!!

In my last post, I showed y’all the cute little Goodwill table I found. Here’s a little reminder:
Well, I want to paint this table and my kitchen table seen here:
So, I got my “workers” to sand both pieces for me:
The kids were GREAT sanding and sweating and sanding some more. The reward……..a trip to the neighborhood pool to cool off!
I need to condition the wood on the kitchen table before I put a coat of stain on the top. Then two or three coats of polyurethane and it will be beautiful. We’re going to use the same poly as we did on the butcherblock island. It’s used for boats so it will be rock hard and waterproof. One thing we did learn from the island… takes about a week to cure so we will be eating in the dining room for the next week or so. We’ll paint the legs white to match the island.
The little planter table will be painted white as well. Then I’ll get on the planter I talked about here.
Happy Monday!
Love y’all,Linda