We’ve been busy painting this week.
Son #2 helped me paint two coats of Valspar Mint Frost on the walls in the pantry.
Son #3 painted the wood for the shelving
Then I went wild with the stenciling. I bought the Small Ribbon Damask stencil from Royal Design Studio a few months back for another project. When I saw all the great inspiration pantries on the web, I just loved the look of the patterned walls behind the shelves.
So….I measured the walls and did a little math (and when I say little I mean I drove my engineering husband crazy because I eyed most of the pattern!)
I came up with this design
I thought the pattern would be WAY too busy if I stenciled any more. I used a small roller and Valspar Flat White paint. I had never used a roller before so I was nervous about any dripping. I didn’t have any problem. I used as little paint as I could. It took me about 20 minutes. The hard part was going up and down the ladder.
Next, we’ll hang the wood shelves…..and by “we’ll” I mean the LOML (the best guy in the whole wide world…and the most patient!)
What do y’all think of the stencil? All the men in my house think it’s kinda weird!
Thanks for coming by! Have a great day!
Love y’all,


  1. Linda,
    First off don’t ask a man LOL.I have learned that.I like your stencil.And I think you did just enough.Looks beautiful.You are going to have the prettiest pantry on the block!

  2. I have two little girls that also help me when I do some remodeling projects around the house. I strongly believe in the saying that “the family that DIY’s together, stays together.”

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