THE PANTRY ~ hanging the shelves

We’ve been busy this weekend hanging the shelves in our kitchen pantry. And by “we” I mean the LOML and the helpful Sons #2-#4.
The LOML has been working hard at
We started with the first shelf which is going to be 20 inches from the floor for large things. The second shelf is 16″ from the bottom shelf, the third is only 9″ because of the light switch which I’ll show you in the next picture. The fourth and fifth shelves are 16″ tall.

We were going to have the 9″ shelf a little taller (12″) but the light switch was in the way so I’ll use the small shelf for cans.

The LOML used 2 1/2″ drywall screws and countersinked them into the stud once we FOUND the studs. You can read about that fiasco here.


We cut the melamine shelves, which are 16″ deep, 85″ along the long wall and 50″ along the short wall. Here is what it looked like.

We nailed the boards into the brackets with 6D 1 7/8″ nails. Then we filled in the nail holes with wood putty and sanded it.

Now we’re going to bed.

Tomorrow we’ll paint the nail holes and we’ll work on placing support posts in the front of the shelves for extra support. Then I’ll start putting my kitchen back together again. I can’t wait!!! My kitchen is a mess with everything spread everywhere. I’ve been organizing and decluttering. I sure hope I will have some extra space now so I can run to BJ’s Warehouse and stock up!!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. What are you up to?

Love y’all,Linda


  1. Linda,
    Your panty is really coming along.What a job!Looking forward to seeing your finished pantry.

  2. Bruce MacDonald says:

    Linda; nice, straightforward and a practical pantry. I'm sure the end product looks great. A question for you…. What did you finally use for support posts?