COOKIN’ WITH THE CROCK POT ~ trying new recipes

In my house, the busiest times are early morning when all the kids are getting ready for school and when they come home from school ~ snacks, homework, excitement of sharing the stories of the day.
The quiet times for me are when no one is home. After all the crazy is over and the kids get on the bus, I plop down on the couch and sigh.
So why is it that when the house is the busiest, I have to make dinner?? Who made that dumb plan??
That’s where my new plan is going to come in to play. I put a meal into the crock pot at say 10 o’clock in the morning during my quiet time and turn it on low and I’m done until dinner time. What kind of cool plan is this?! Yes, I’m just coming up with this plan now…I’ve been a mom for 22 years and I’m just figuring this out now. Not the brightest light on the tree huh?

So for the next week I’m going to cook dinner every night in the crock pot.
I’m going to use these recipes which I’ll share with you every night as I use them and critique them.
Slow Cooker Bacon Ranch Chicken
I love the color of the plate. It would match my kitchen perfectly 😉

I KNOW….you’re saying that’s a lot of chicken. My kids love chicken! And it’s cheap when you’re feeding six hungry kids! I may replace a chicken with a beef recipe if the kids say they’re tired of chicken. You’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

I’m excited to try these new recipes and share my experience with you. Hopefully, I’ll be good at starting the meal when I’m supposed to. I’m not a great planner so we’ll see how it goes.
Thanks for joining me on my crock pot adventure!!

Love y’all,



  1. Anonymous says:

    those all look good, Linda! i’ve cooked in my crockpot a lot for many years (can’t even remember how many i’ve gone thru, crockpots that is). LOVE them and it makes the house smell so good all day long! thanks for sharing – will try these.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I just started following your blog…can’t wait to see the recipes for these – I use my crockpot alot in the summertime as it doesn’t heat the house up so much as the stove/oven – thanks for sharing!
    Cheryl from Ontario