MORE LITTLE PROJECTS ~ and nice little touches

Just because they’re called “Little Projects”, you’d think you don’t get as much satisfaction from doing them as, say, finishing a complete kitchen redo. BUT…I love finishing the little details. It’s not as overwhelming, AND it sure feels good!!Well, that’s what has been happening around here.


I told you in my last post, that I bought this great rug from IKEA.
MORUM Rug, flatwoven IKEA Flat woven rug. Suitable for use in the dining room because it is easy to keep clean and chairs can easily slide in and out.
It’s a 7×10 Morum flat woven rug for $139. Well, I put it in the dining room and it looks great!


Last weekend, the LOML opened one of the large kitchen drawers that holds all our large cooking utensils and pot lids and found they were trying to sneak out the back end. The bottom of the drawer was coming away from the rest of the drawer. We HAD to get some of the weight out of the drawer.
We bought this cool toy
We’ve had great experiences with Rev-a-Shelf products before. We installed a garbage can here. We absolutely love it!!


The LOML wrestled with our new toy for awhile and finally ended up with this.
We love it. And all the lids are out of the now fixed drawer.
PROJECT #3I told you in my visit to IKEA, I bought these babies.

I bought two long picture ledges for Miss T’s degrees, diplomas and such. I bought 9-10×13 black frames and reframed all of her degrees with matching frames with mats. I’m hanging them tomorrow so I’ll take some pictures to post.

Here’s the before of the frames. They were all mismatched.


Miss T put in her order for 4 signs for her office so I bought 4 plaques at Walmart for $8.88 each.

I am planning on painting them white. Because the office is purple, I want to trim the signs with purple acrylic paint. And then stencil the messages that Miss T need with black acrylic paint. I’m hoping they’ll turn out okay!

Can’t wait to finish them and show you.


Miss T bought a file cabinet from Home Decorator’s for $199.

Oxford 3-Drawer File Cabinet
She also ordered this desk for $139,

Oxford Corner Writing Desk I
and some rugs.

Home Decorator’s has great home decor items, furniture, rugs, lighting and a lot more for GREAT prices! Click on the Home Decorator’s banner on the right side of the page and take a look. There’s lots to see so get a cup of coffee, have a seat and get comfy!

We almost finished putting the desk together (pretty easy!) but Miss T had an appointment so we’ll have to finish up another time. Here’s where we are so far.

We went from this:

to this….

Can’t wait to finish it up and show y’all!!

PHEW!!  Doing little projects can be exhausting!

Have a great day!

Love y’all,



  1. Linda,
    You have been busy.Oh I would love to get those for my cabinets.But they intimidate me a bit.Are they hard to install?