RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS ~ happy birthday to me!

I saw a cool idea on Pinterest ~ one of many cool ideas. You can read about it at Mix Mingle Glow. The story is about a girl named Robyn who was turning 38 years young. To celebrate her birthday, she and her family did 38 random acts of kindness to unsuspecting people. I cried reading about it.
Well, as some of you may know, I AM A GREAT COPIER!
Guess what?? My birthday is TODAY! Sadly, I’m not turning 38 but…..
I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out what to do for my big day. Now, I know.

I’m starting now!I have retained the help of some very willing participants (the LOML and kids) to help me come up with and carry out some random acts of kindness that will hopefully put a smile on someone’s face. I know it will put a smile on mine and my family’s.

These are the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS that we performed

1) Bought 2 dozen Dunkin’ Donuts for the office staff at my daughters’ elementary school.
2) Bought a jelly donut for my daughter’s teacher.

3) Paid for a dinner for four for a nice gentleman who jump-started our truck when we were stranded.

4) Made chocolate chip cookies for three of my neighbors.

5) Wrote a thank you e-mail to our pastor.

6)  Helped a friend paint her bedroom.

7) Wrote a praising note to my favorite blogger.

8) Gave a friend a ride to work.

9) Helped grade papers in my daughter’s class.

10) I woke up early (that’s huge for me!) to wish Son #4 a great day as he went off to middle school!

11) I cuddled with my daughters to wake them up (instead of shaking them and yelling at them to “GET OUT OF BED!”)

12) Put an extra dessert in my daughters’ lunch boxes with a love note from Mom.

13) Wrote a nice, complimentary note to a long lost friend.

14) Gave a cold water bottle to the school crossing guard.

15) Left kind notes on random cars.

16) Gave a kind note and extra large tip to our very kind waiter after breakfast. (He heated up my coffee mug before I poured my tea in…what a great idea!)

17) Anonymously bought breakfast for what looked like a grandfather and his three grandchildren and left a nice note in place of the bill.

18) Left a large tip for the very helpful and beautiful waitress who was in cahoots with us with #17!

19) Donated three bags of clothes to Goodwill.

20) Placed flowers on gravesites that didn’t have any. I saw the headstone of a week-old baby. I said a prayer for the parents. I can’t imagine the pain.

21) Brought shopping carts from the parking lot back into the grocery store.

22) Let cars cut in front of me in line who needed to get over(including a huge gas truck).

23) Gave away 2 Barnes and Noble giftcards.

24) Gave a paid carwash ticket to a visitor from Montana.

25) Bought Bruegger’s Bagels and coffee for our neighborhood EMS station. They were just leaving on a call so we had a little excitement during our morning. I said a prayer for whoever they were headed to.

26) Put single dollar bills with a sticky note that read “Keep on Reading!” with a smiley face into 20 kids’ books at the public library. We tried to do it at Barnes & Nobel but they said it wasn’t cool.

27) Paid for a woman’s lunch.

28) $1.00 worth of quarters taped to vending machines at the park.

29) Gave a cold water bottle to a UPS man. He was very appreciative!

30) Gave a sweet young lady two Walmart gift cards. She asked me why I would do this and I told her it was my birthday. She said it was her brother’s birthday today, too. Great day to be born! I cried walking out of the store. My boys laughed at me!

31) Returned Walmart shopping carts to the store.

32) Picked up kids from the busstop and brought them home when it was raining!

33) Put quarters on Coke and water bottle machines in Walmart.

34) Gave our sweet mail lady a water bottle, a thank you card, and a Goodberry’s frozen custard gift card.

35) Gave my daughters’ bus driver a Coldstone Creamery gift card and a thank you for keeping them safe.

36) Bought Chick-fil-a lunch for the football coaches after Son #3’s football practice.

37) Helped tutor kids in math.

38) Gave a large tip to our waitress at lunch.

39) Opened the door for a woman with an orthopedic boot on her foot.

40) Made a cashier at the grocery store smile 🙂

41) Picked up trash.

42) Sent birthday wishes to three of my friends who share the same birthday as me 🙂

43) Gave lollipops to the kids when they got off the bus after school.

44) Donated hot dogs buns and bottled water for a football party.

45) Opened a door for an elderly woman and her daughter.

46) Made a phlebotomist laugh while she was taking blood from me (I should get a medal for this one!!) Also, offered to bring her breakfast but she declined. She had already eaten 🙁

47) Helped Son #1 move out of his apartment.

48) Son #4 helped out a girl that dropped her gym bag.

49) I thanked each of my children for being in my life and making my life so wonderful!!! I thanked them for putting up with all my crazy ideas (i.e. Random Acts of Kindness on my birthday!) and helping me anyways.

What a wonderful couple of days! I wish I could do Random Acts of Kindness every day! I was touched more than anyone I was supposed to have touched during this adventure.

I cried a lot!! I prayed a lot for opportunities to be a positive in someone’s life. I hope I was.


Thanks for joining in the fun.

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Love y’all,



  1. Anonymous says:

    wonderful idea…my 47th birthday is in 3 weeks…as a stem cell transplant survivor (19 months post transplant) my family has been touched by many strangers in the last couple of years…I think I am going to try and do this

    thanks for the wonderful idea

    Cheryl from Ontario

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was a blast and such privilege to spend the day watching you spread joy around town – I am the blessed one!

    Thank you,


  3. Anonymous says:

    I was reading this driving home from Disney and not an hour later God gave us the opportunity to help an older couple who had blown a tire on the road in their truck. They didn’t have the right tools to get the tire off or jack their car up so we had to empty out our rented Suburban on the road to get to our tools in the car to help them (can you picture this?? ha!). When Matt and BRayden finally got their spare on (drenched in sweat by now), it was flat. So, we followed them to the closest gas station and filled up all their tires. Oh, and the man in the truck had cataracts surgery yesterday so he couldn’t see at all, which is why they were in such a bind (not to mention not having a jack or tools to get tires off). Anyway, reading your post of blessing others inspired us to stop and help someone as well. It cost us a valuable hour for our drive home, but it was SO worth it. Thank you for your inspiration and Happy Belated Birthday. We have been gone this week so sorry I am late! Love ya!, Christy