THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD ~ and the hardest!

On this day, nineteen years ago my second son was born. It seems like yesterday when, at 3:00 am (I don’t know why all my children thought I didn’t need sleep before pushing them into the world!!), I woke up the LOML and told him, “It’s time!”
My first son didn’t want to enter this world. He was perfectly happy in the nice little, warm cocoon where he was living before he was born.
My second son couldn’t get out fast enough!!
I remember pacing on our driveway waiting for my in-laws to come to babysit my oldest son so we could get busy birthing this baby. “Where are they?” They lived practically down the street, but they weren’t coming…..but, the baby WAS!!! I was in so much pain!
When they finally arrived, we found out my MIL had to curl her hair first! AAHHHHHH! She looked great though!
It took 20 minutes to get to the hospital. I thought we were going to deliver this baby in the Corolla. I WAS NOT A HAPPY CAMPER!!!
My first question when we entered the hospital ER “Is it too late to get an epidural?” Isn’t that everyone’s first question when bringing a new life into the world? “I WANT MY DRUGS!”
It was about 4:30am, and he was born at 5:10am. I believe I pushed twice!!


Now here we are nineteen years later, and we have ourselves a wonderful son, brother, musician, friend, a son of God, student, teacher, athlete, thinker, reader, singer.
He was the first one to break a bone.He was the first one to play the trombone.

He was the first one to go to his high school prom three times(sophomore, junior and senior years).He was the first one to play competitive Ultimate Frisbee.

He made the Dean’s List.

He makes his mom and dad very proud!

We love you Josh more than you’ll ever know! Happy Birthday!
Isn’t he handsome??

Love y’all,Linda


  1. Linda,
    Happy Birthday Wishes to Josh.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday, Josh!!


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