AN EXPERIMENT WITH BLEACH ~from red to ….white?

Miss T’s office has a big comfy red couch. The red slipcover covers a blue flowery something or other.


Because we painted the office purple, the red has got to go.
I took the slipcover home and did my research on how to change the color from red to something else….maybe white or pink?
I found detailed instructions on
We filled three bins
1) 10 gallons of hot water with 1.5 gallons of chlorine bleach.
2) 10 gallons of cold water.
3) 10 gallons of water with 5 ml of chlorine neutralizer we bought at PetSmart.
We wet the piece of fabric then dropped it into the first bin of bleached water and let it soak for 15 minutes.


We rung out the fabric and placed it into the cold water rinsing really well. We rung out most of the water.
We placed the fabric into the neutralizer bin.
After this cycle, the fabric looked orange. Judge for yourself.

We repeated the steps again to see if it would get any lighter.

What do y’all think? All of a sudden, I’m in the mood for a creamsicle.

Okay, now what???? Well, we took the color out. How about we try putting color in? Since the room is purple, our next brainstorm was to dye the fabric purple.

We bought Tulip Permanent Fabric Dye in purple and we followed the directions.

We soaked the slipcover in a bin with hot water, four packets for 4 gallons of water. We soaked the fabric stirring continuously for 15 minutes, then occasionally for 45 minutes. When we took it out of the dye, it looked a pretty color of deep purple. BUT….when we rinsed it, it came out looking like this……

We’re calling this beautiful color POO-POO BROWN!!!!!!



This time we used RIT Dye powder.

Step 1 I filled the washing machine with enough hot water to cover the piece of fabric.
Step 2 I mixed the dye powder in a metal bowl with a cup of hot water, stirring until dissolved.
Step 3 I poured the dye into the washing machine filled with hot water.
Step 4 I wet the fabric then placed it into the washing machine.
Step 5 I ran the wash cycle for 30 minutes.
Step 6 I rinsed the fabric in cold water three times.
Step 7 I dried it in delicate low heat.
Step 8 I cleaned the washing machine with detergent, a cup of bleach and hot water. (It took all the purple out!!)

I am so happy with the outcome of this very long drawn out almost torturous procedure, I’m excited to show you.

This picture does not do the color credit at all. It came out a  very pretty purple color. It’s not as washed out as the picture shows. I’ll try to get a better picture during the daytime tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow…..tomorrow is


We have been working VERY hard to get Miss T’s office just perfect before she comes home. She’s been out of town for the last four days. This is all we’ve done:

1) Dyed couch slipcover (SEE ABOVE)
2) Hung roller shades on eight windows
3) Painted bathroom and kitchen cabinets
4) New hardware on said cabinets
5) Covered 6 pillows with coordinating fabric
6) Removed cabinet from bathroom
7) Framed bathroom mirror
8) New accessories for bathroom
9) Bought and assembled book and puzzle cubby for waiting room
10) Cleaned, cleaned, cleaned

I can’t wait to show all the pictures! Please come back tomorrow and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear!

Good night Y’all!

Love y’all,


  1. Linda,
    That turned out great! What a difference from the red.And fits in much better too!

  2. Thanks Anne!