DIY ROLLER SHADES ~what the heck am I doing?

As some of you may know, I am working on my friend Miss T’s office space. We have
painted, pulled up carpet, emptied rooms, taken down window treatments, taken down pictures and degrees, and what feels like a whole lot more! If you want to read all about it, click on the link on the word “painted” above.
Today I’m working on the window shades. Miss T has a friend who has these roller shades where you stick fabric onto it and hang ’em up.
I bought eight roller shades at Joann’s Fabrics for 24.99 each on sale. I love a deal!  Two for the office, two for the therapy room and four for the waiting room.

I bought all the fabric from Walmart.

The waiting room has taupe colored walls and cream colored trim. It has a brown leather couch. The furniture will be dark brown. The accent color in there, the half bathroom and the kitchenette is teal. Can you see how it will match?

In the office, the walls are purple (it’s Miss T’s favorite color). I found a light purple fabric with tiny flowers in pink.

Now to process of making the roller shades
Step 1) Measure windows.
Step 2) Take fuse-a-shade off of roller.
Step 3) Cut roller to width size of window.
I caught the LOML in action
Step 4) Cut fuse-a-shade the width of the window and length of the window PLUS 12 inches.
Step 5) Cut fabric width plus 1 1/2 inches on each side.
Cut fabric length plus 12 inches.
Step 6) Lay fabric on large area with wrong side up. Iron.
Step 7) Lay shiny side of fuse-a-shade onto wrong side of fabric.
Step 8) Use steam iron to attach fuse-a-shade to fabric starting at the middle and working outward. Keep iron on each area about 15 seconds overlapping as you go.
Step 9) Using the stitch witchery that comes in the fuse-a-shade kit, fold 1 1/2″ hem on each side and iron.
Step 10) Fold the bottom hem 2 1/4 inches and iron stitch witchery to the top of hem so there is a pocket for the slat.
Step 11) Staple the top of shade to roller
Step 12) Insert a piece of wood trim into slat to weigh rod down. We used some left over 3/4×1/4 screen molding from Lowe’s we had laying around the house.
Step 13) Hang in window with hardware in fuse-a-shade kit. I’ll have to share this picture tomorrow after I hang them in Miss T’s waiting room.
Once we figured out what we were doing, the process went pretty easily.
I have to do four more windows this week for the office and therapy room. What are y’all doing this week?
Love y’all,Linda