THE FAMILY ROOM ~ our next room redo

Our family room looked like this for years before we decided to move (before we decided NOT to move!).
When we staged our house to put it on the market, we got rid of the flower couches and bought a Craigslist eggplant colored couch and loveseat ~ VERY COMFY!
I bought a leather ottoman to replace another Craigslist find ~ an old hunter green coffee table. The ottoman was all dark brown leather so I recovered it with a plaid fabric that matched the green walls and the eggplant couch. You can see how I did that here.
I also covered the old pillows with the same fabric. You can see the post here.
We moved the fish tank into the foyer and replaced it with a desk that I can use to work or the kids can use for homework/computer games.
Now that we’re not moving (you can read why not here.) I have SO MANY plans for this room.
Ready for the really long list!
1) Curtains for the windows
2) Built-in wall unit with desk
3) Paint and stain sofa table, desk and side table the same as the kitchen table and kitchen island
4) If we win the lottery or the Publisher’s Clearinghouse people come to my door with the big check and balloons, I’d like to  replace the yucky carpet with hardwoods.

5) An area rug for under the couch and ottoman.

6) Add molding and mantle to the fireplace.

7) Add a chair and a half and lighting to reading corner in front of the new built-in bookcases.

Here’s a recap

wow...would I love this.
Built-ins with desk

A little molding and mantle action around the fireplace. Pretty huh?
We’re trying to do the built-in bookcases using what we already have plus some added pieces (hopefully cheap!) to finish it off. While I was at IKEA the other week I found a bookcase for $39 in the imperfect piece section at the front of the store. It has a few scratches on it that I’m going to paint over anyways so it was a STEAL! I’ll hang it on the wall sideways and use it for the bridge over the desk.
Here is my pitiful  best attempt at a diagram of what’s going on in my head.

 We’re brand new at this so it will be fun, exciting, and scary all at the same time! I’ll keep you updated.

Love y’all,


  1. Linda,
    LOVE your plans and ideas.We could not attempt this at all! Painting is the biggest thing I can do.We are not good at building.Can’t wait to see the process!You have a beautiful home!