A  few days ago, I visited my nearest Hobby Lobby for the first time EVER!
Among MANY other things I bought, I was lucky enough to find this great sign
that I want to hang here over my kitchen pantry door
I thought the black lettering was a little harsh in my very white kitchen so I decided to paint the letters to match the pantry door.
The sign also has four pegs. I was going to just take them out and fill the holes
I got another crazy brainstorm.
I’ve seen lightbulb vases everywhere.
diy light bulb vases
I think they are so pretty!!!
This is how I did it:
1) I bought a six pack of Sylvania Doublelife lightbulbs with a wide neck.
2) I took off the small copper piece at the end with a needle nose plier.
3) I broke the black glass and cleaned it out. (Please use protective eyewear during this step. Glass does fly!)
4) I then stuck the pliers inside and twisted until all the glass inside was broken and I could pour it into a garbage can. I then pulled the filament out.
I needed four of them. It only took me a few minutes to do all four.
Now I needed something to connect the bulbs to the pegs. I bought some jewelry wire from Walmart, wrapped it around the neck of the bulb, then to the peg. I placed a single yellow flower into each bulb.
What do you think?
It adds a sweet touch of whimsy above my  pantry door. I love it!
By the way, as I’m spending the weekend laying on the couch with a VERY sore back, the LOML and Sons #3 & 4 are ripping up the carpet in our family room so we can lay plywood floors. And when I say “we” I really mean “them” because my back hurts a lot. My chiropractor has banned me from anything! He’s no fun! 🙁
Can’t wait to share pictures with you!!
Have a great weekend everybody!
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Love y’all,


  1. Another great idea; you are so creative!

  2. Great finish and enjoyed your process. Hope your back is better soon. Rest.

  3. It turned out really cute and I love how it matches the pantry door!! I’m your newest follower, following from Thankful for our Community blog hop!!

    -Fotini { }