This is our very first year doing Elf on a Shelf with our girls. I’m always late to the party. And as you might know already, I can copy some of you creative wonders out there. I have found many great ideas on Pinterest. Very creative!!
This is what our Elf “Elfie” was up to this month

Dec 1st ~ Brushing his teeth

Dec 2nd ~ Storytime!

Dec 3rd ~ The star atop the Christmas tree

Dec 4th ~ Rockin’ Baby Jesus

Dec 5th ~ Looking for presents in the stockings

Dec 6th ~ A little video gaming

Dec 7th ~ OOH You little Devil Elfie!

Dec 8th ~ Because there is a germ bug running around our house, Elfie caught it!

Dec 9th ~ Just hangin’ around!

Dec 10th ~ Dec 17th ~ Mama Elf was done for the  count and unable to do anything fun.

Dec 18th ~ Reading the Christmas cards