Please forgive me for  my absence in blogland recently. God has insisted I stop and take care of myself and my family during a couple of injuries and illnesses.
I hurt my back in November which had me going to the chiropractor every day and him yelling at me to stay laying down with ice on my back.
It’s very difficult because of my life….six kids, getting ready for the holidays, a house full of company for Thanksgiving, shopping, decorating, Christmas parties, and on and on and on. I know y’all understand what I’m talking about. My life isn’t any different than yours!!
After  I got back on my feet, we finished the wood floors in our family room. Then we had a house full of family for Thanksgiving.
THEN…….the whole family got the worst bug. Vomiting, head cold, temperature, and sheer exhaustion. It was not pretty in our house for a few weeks. I was laid out for a whole week. That’s torture times two for a person who usually doesn’t sit still.
That’s what I mean when I say it was God telling me to stop.  And I listened.
We had a very simple Christmas and days leading up to Christmas when usually it’s a crazy time of shopping and decorating. We spent a lot of time laying around, taking care of each other. Besides the throwing up and feeling awful, it was a pretty nice family time.
Now, on to the best Christmas gift of the year!!
My kids really don’t need more toys or things. We want to teach them the real meaning of Christmas so we try to think of others and giving of ourselves so we spent a lot of time thinking of what the kids can do for each other. Each child put thought into each gift they bought for their siblings and I truly believe it was appreciated more by the receiver because of the thought put into it. It had nothing to do with the cost…just the thought.
Because our kids have way too many toys and things, we thought we’d get them something they have asked for on and off for years and we’ve said no.
Meet “Juliet” (Jules for short) and she changes into “Night Fury” at night. She transforms into a superhero at night. Well, of course she does!!!
She’s a Shih Poo (Shih Tzu and Poodle mix). She’s about 2 pounds right now and she won’t get any bigger than about 5 pounds. She is ADORABLE!!!
We are NOT dog people so any tips y’all have for potty training, etc throw them over this way. We’ll take any advice you got!
I hope your Christmas was wonderful…full of great memories and wonderful times with family and friends. And the reason for the season which is God sending his son to earth to save us. The deepest most unconditional love we will ever experience.
God bless y’all!
Love y’all,Linda


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