After decorating boys’ rooms for so long (we have four boys), decorating a girl’s room was fun!
We adopted our two daughters from Kazakhstan in 2005. Our first trip was for five weeks, where we met, fell in love with, and spent a lot of time with the girls. Then we came home…..without them 🙁 A month later, we flew back to Kazakhstan and picked the girls up and brought them home to their forever family! One of the most exciting times of our life as a family! 

In between the two trips, we decorated the girls’ bedroom. It had been a celestial moon and stars room in blue and gold. A real boy’s room. It had glow-in-the-dark stickers all over the ceiling. It was so fun putting them up. NOT SO FUN TAKING THEM DOWN!! OH BOY!! After peeling each of the 200,000 zillion stickers off, then having to patch the holes the picking caused…..I WILL NEVER STICK ANYTHING ON THE CEILING AGAIN….EVER!!!!

 The first thing we did was paint the room fuschia. YES I said FUSCHIA!!! I know…very bright! We broke up the color a little bit by hanging white beadboard paneling on the bottom half of all the walls and adding a shelf on top. A good friend spent a whole day cutting and hanging it for us.


This picture was taken right after we brought the girls home in 2005.
We found the girls’ beds at BJ’s (like a Costco or Sam’s). It was a dark wood bunk bed that we just left as twins and painted them white. We added finials to each post for a little added touch. The comforters were a gift from another friend. She got them from Pottery Barn. We bought pink sheets from Target. We bought Pottery Barn Kids white wicker baskets with pretty pink plaid liners for storage under the girls’ beds. They hold shoes, stuffed animals, and hair accessories.


The girls’ room is very small so we removed the closet doors and hung curtains that a good friend’s mom made for us along with the matching table skirt for the table in between the beds.

The girls picked out the light from Target. They love how the light makes dots on the wall. We also placed a hand-me-down dresser that I painted white into the closet to save more floor space in the room. I added these cute drawer pulls…aren’t they so girly?

I wanted very light, sheer curtains so I hung these beauties from Pottery Barn Kids.


To add some color to the flooring we found this colorful throw rug at Target.


I painted the tree mural recently for a little whimsical touch. The girls love the butterflies.

You can see the whole project here.

Thank you for visiting the only girly room in our house. I just love it! Hope you do, too!
Love y’all,Linda


  1. What a beautiful transformation Linda!I love that tree too!