MUSICAL BEDROOMS ~ a little bedroom redo

I’m going to share a little bit about my homies and some crazy emotions I’m going through today. So brace yourselves!!

A parent child relationship goes through many stages in the 18 years or so they live together. The relationship goes from the child needing everything from his parents to the child wanting to be completely independent. From the child looking up to the parents to the child hating them. It’s quite a roller coaster ride for everyone involved!!
Let me bring you up to today and what I’m going through.

I’m cleaning out Son #1’s old room. He moved out a few months ago to live with some college buddies near campus. I’m getting very emotional! Can anyone relate?

Well, the vultures (alias the other kids in the house) are eyeing his room.


We have a five bedroom house.
#2 ~ The NC State room (Son #1’s room)
#3 ~ The UNC room (Son #2’s room)
#4 ~ The “While You Were Out” room (Sons #3 & #4)
#5 ~ The girls’ room

The NC State room is empty. Son #1 lives in a house near his school.
The UNC room was empty because Son #2 lives in his dorm at school. Son #3 has taken over this room.

Here’s where the musical rooms come in.

We’re moving Son #3 into the NC State room ~ he loves NC State so we won’t have to change the decor in his new room.

We’re moving Daughter #2 into the UNC room and transform it into a teal and purple peacock room!

So today, I cleaned out the NC State room of all Son #1’s belongings that he doesn’t used now. I looked through old yearbooks, pictures, trophies and got VERY emotional. Letting go is hard and exciting all at the same time.

It’s a very bittersweet feeling for a mom. I want them to be independent and successful, yet I want to hold on tight to them and protect them from this big ugly world!