AN ELEGANT CHANDELIER ~ and goodbye UNC fan!

Does anyone hate ceiling fans as much as I do?
It’s sort of a love hate relationship. A fan is a good thing to have but they are not a positive addition to the decor in any room.
Anybody with me??
The LOML cannot live without a fan in most of our rooms. He’s always warm and I’m always cold so I don’t need a fan, he does. It’s a 30 year battle I’ll never win.


Daughter #2 is just like me. She’s always cold. She should be…she weighs 20 pounds soaking wet.

Anyways, getting back to the point….she doesn’t need a ceiling fan in her bedroom.


I found this sad looking chandy at the ReStore store.

I painted it with white satin spray paint.
Added a little bling bling and……..

Isn’t she pretty??!!

Goodbye UNC fan!!

The teal peacock room is ALMOST done. A couple of tiny projects and then I promise I’ll show ya’ll.

Have a good night!

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Love y’all,Linda