Today is Valentine’s Day. But even better than that it is this man’s
birthday! The lucky girl next to him is little ole me!
This man has the perfect birthday for him. He is a true love, a sweetheart, the Love of my Life (LOML) and he looks great in red! See what I mean? PERFECT!
If I have never said it before, I am sooooooo blessed to have him in my life.
I am very high-maintenance  a visionary. I am the idea man (woman), and he is the thinker.  I come up with all the bright ideas and he pulls them all off. Isn’t he wonderful?
For example, last night we hung Daughter #2’s photo gallery wall. Another post later today.


If I would have done it by myself, the tools I would have needed would be a hammer, nails, and the pictures. The LOML brought up a level, hammer, nails, picture hangers, pencil, pictures, and a screwdriver. He put thought into every single picture being hung. I would have just hung them, stepped back, and either liked what I saw or not liked it and pulled the nails out and redone it. That drives him CRAZY!! Told you I was the lucky one!He’s also the best Dad in the world. He coaches every team the kids have played on. He helps the kids with the homework I can’t help with anymore ~which is about fourth grade or so.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

The family is taking the LOML out to dinner at his favorite barbecue joint.

Love y’all,


  1. Look at how my undershirt perfectly matches the Upwards polo.

  2. Enjoy the day