IT’S CURTAINS ~ and a couple of "House Moments"

Have you ever experienced, what we call in our home,
I personally did not like the series. Being in the medical field, I found Dr. House to be rude and condesending. But he always solved some rare life-threatening illness in the last two minutes of each episode. After a whole hour of interns trying to figure it out, he always had…….
That moment when the light bulb goes off in your brain, and you solve the world’s problems.
Well, I had two of these “House Moments” recently. I just love them.
You look at a decorating problem and you think and think and think about how to solve it. And then it comes.
While decorating Daughter #2’s teal peacock bedroom, I had to think of window treatments. The room has 2 windows on one wall. I knew I wanted long curtains to the floor. And, of course, they had to be very girly!!
I found these pretty curtains at Lowe’s Home Improvement.
They came in many colors so I bought teal, purple and green. The main color in my daughter’s room is teal with accent colors of purple and green.
Do you see the little sparkles all through the curtain? A little bling bling!
Now what to do??
I asked a friend if she could cut each of the curtains into three strips and sew the three colors together to make one curtain (I so do not sew!). She asked me to send her a picture of the material so when I opened the package I realized the material was extremely thin. Cutting it and sewing hems would not work.
What to do now?
What if I put the three curtains together on one curtain rod. The curtains are so thin, it wouldn’t be too much material. The LOML hung the rods and we placed three curtains on each rod.


 LOVE IT!!!!
I was also planning to use the same curtains around the closet. I removed the closet doors to make the room more spacious. Instead of using full length curtain rods like we used on the windows, I wanted to have short rods on each end of the closet like I did in Daughter #1’s room. So we bought a fluted rod and cut it in half.
We also bought finials and brackets at Home Depot.
I lightly sanded the finials and brackets and painted them with ProClassic Extra White paint. When we hung up the rods and curtains, it just made a WOW statement in this pretty girl’s room.
Only one problem: I wanted to pull the curtain back so it wouldn’t be in the way when Daughter #2 has to look for an outfit in her closet. I wanted to use something interesting. I did my research on Pinterest with NO luck.
Today in school, Daughter #2 learned about the country of India. She received two very pretty fuschia bracelets.
What if I painted these bracelets teal and used them as curtain tie-backs??!! I love when a plan comes to fruition!!
On my trip to Hobby Lobby a few months ago, I bought two peacock Christmas ornaments. I hung them from the bracelet/curtain tie-back and



                                                                         What do y’all think? Pretty colorful, don’t ya think?

We’re hanging a fancy chandy and a photo gallery wall and then the complete reveal. I’m so excited to show it to y’all (oh yea, and Daughter #2!).

Hope you’re enjoying your Tuesday!

Love y’all,Linda


  1. wow, looks wonderful! Can’t wait to see the whole room!!