POWDER ROOM ~ a step closer to be completed!

I thought I was done with this pain in the neck lovely guest bathroom
Last night we finished the two, what I thought was, last projects.
We added a little bling bling to the beadboard paneling for hanging wet towels.
We bought four crystal door knobs from Lowe’s. They started out looking like this.
The metal accents in the bathroom are chrome so I found this spray paint.
Two coats sprayed on the brass of the knob and
Pretty cool huh?
Then we screwed them into the beadboard paneling.
So pretty….and useful. It will hold whatever Son #3 needs to hang up if he decides to hang things up instead of throwing them on the floor!!
We also hung a shelf that I bought from JCPenney (now known as jcp).
 It came in cream so I spray painted it white and hung it above the toilet.
After we finished all the crazy creative ideas running around in my head, I thought the room was done.
THEN…I saw this great idea on Pinterest.
Mason Jar Organizer Mason Jar Organizer Mason Jar Organizer
I said to myself “Storage for toothbrushes and toothpaste”.
But there really isn’t a good place to hang the jars.
Then the LOML came up with a brilliant idea. Have I ever told you how smart he is? He’s really smart (and sweet!)!!!
His idea was to continue the beadboard paneling, shelf, and crystal knobs on the wall beside the sink.
So one more project (I think!) and we’re done with this room.
Hope you’re enjoying your week. I’ll be painting more beadboard!!
Love y’all,