For being the smallest room in the house, this guest bathroom is taking forever to finish. And when I say “forever” I’m talking forever to an ADD decorator. I want to move on to the next project long before the present project is completed.
Can anyone feel my pain??
This is where we started.
Not too bad BUT not too good either!
So far, we’ve trimmed out the mirror.
We bought two 8′ piece of chair rail moulding. Son #4 painted them with two coats of trim paint.
We then used our trusty mitre box and cut 45 degree cuts.
We used Loctite Power Grab glue to adhere the wood to the mirror.
We taped the pieces until the glue dried.
 We caulked the corners, touched them up with white paint and
We also hung beadboard on the opposite side of the room.
We had a great excuse to buy this baby.
We glued then nailed each step of the process.
I primed and painted with four coats of white trim paint. I absolutely love it!!
Since I was on a painting roll, I also painted the cabinet. It was boring white.
Since I fell in love with the apple green that I used here
and here.
What do you think of this
Do you see the bling bling?
So pretty and shiny!!! Like jewelry.
There will be some bling bling on the other side of the room, too. Come back to find out how I’ll be using it.
I’ll be back when the bathroom is all done. Can’t wait to show y’all!!
Love y’all,