LETTER WALL HANGINGS ~ peacocks and flower power!

The girls are doing a little crafting today in our house.


I love teaching my girls different craft ideas and home improvements so they won't be afraid to try things in their own homes some day. I'm just learning now how to craft and DIY. I'm having so much fun, I hope my girls will enjoy it someday, too.


When I was decorating Daughter #2s peacock bedroom, I kept an eye out for anything peacock related.  I saw a wooden letter on Pinterest that had been decoupaged with peacock wrapping paper or wallpaper. When I went to look back to find it, it was gone. If anyone knows where I can find it, let me know. It is such a great idea and I would love to give credit to whomever I'm copying.


I wanted to try it myself so I bought two large wood letters (C's for my daughters' names) at AC Moore along with teal acrylic paint for Daughter #2s peacock room and fuschia acrylic paint for Daughter #1's pink room and a bag of foam brushes.  I already had decoupage glue.



I sanded both letters then wiped down all the dust.  We traced the letters onto wrapping paper. Remember to trace on the back of the paper with the letter backwards. I'm speaking from experience!

Here are the two wrapping papers we used.


The girls cut out their letters.


The girls each painted their letter with their color.


We let it dry in between two coats. When the paint was dry, they brushed the decoupage glue on the back of the wrapping paper Cs with a foam brush. We placed the paper onto the wooden letters and rubbed carefully, trying to get out all the air bubbles. After it was dry, I trimmed any excess paper that was hanging over the edge. The girls then painted another coat of decoupage glue over the paper. We let it dry.





CAN_3274 CAN_3277



Since I had the decoupage out, I also decoupaged the light switch cover for Daughter #2s peacock room with the same peacock wrapping paper. My daughter thought it was so cool yes


One more picture of the prettiest girls ever with their crafts!

PicMonkey Collagelettera


What  are y'all  up to this weekend?? I'm painting cabinets. How fun!!




Love y'all,