ADOPTION ~ introducing our beautiful monkey girl!

Eight years ago plus one day, we sat in an orphanage office half way around the world awaiting the arrival of our two new daughters.


Today is our youngest daughter's ninth birthday. Time flew by so fast in between these two occurences in my life it's unbelievable! It seems like yesterday that I met this sweet face.


Since that time, she has flown on a plane for 22 hours, met her four older brothers, moved into her brand new home,  met numerous new friends, learned to walk, ride a bike, write, memorize her multiplication tables, fallen in love with her new puppy, made it through third grade and so much more.


Today I can't help but think of an eighteen year old Kazakhstani girl who after four months of trying to take care of her newborn baby girl, made the hardest decision of her life and brought her baby to the hospital and left her there. What was the trip back to her home like?? Was she relieved, heart-broken, regretful, or a little of all of them? Did her arms feel so empty they ached?


When we decided to adopt, I thought of the biological mother many times. I prayed for her with tears running down my face. I couldn't imagine the pain she must have been going through for me to have my daughter. I know my daughter's biological mother and father's names. One day, if she would like, we will take our daughter and travel back to Kazakhstan to find them.

One thing I never thought of during our adoption process was the biological father. My daughter was named after him. When I saw his name on a piece of paper in a stack of many papers we had to read and sign, I wept for him, too. My daughter's middle name is his name. I am grateful for both of these precious people. Their sacrifice has made my life more complete than I could have ever imagined! If I can one day hug them and thank them I will.

I am so thankful for everything God has blessed me with in my life. The big things, the little things, the exciting things, the not so exciting things. 

But today, I am grateful for the gift of my daughter on her ninth birthday. 


PicMonkey Collage19

I am thankful for her beautiful brown eyes, enviable curly hair, her laughter, her love of animals, her fearlessness, her love for her brothers and sister but especially her tender heart.  I pray that she grows up happy, and strong, and that she will love her heavenly father with all of her heart. I hope she is blessed to be able to feel the love for her daughter as I have been able to feel for her. It's an amazing feeling!!