KICKING OUT THE KICK SPACE ~ trimming off the bottom space of our cabinets

We got a little work done on our family room built-ins last week. How exciting!!


If you can remember we bought a whole set of kitchen cabinets from The Habitat for Humanity ReStore.



We got a little side tracked with the tv niche.


But the LOML thinks he wants to do "easy" cuts in the built-in bookcases before he tackles the "difficult" cuts in the fireplace mantel.

So.. today we cut the kick space off of the cabinets so they would be a little lower to the ground.


PicMonkey Collagekickspace

The kick space was about 5" tall. 


Here is what the cabinet looked like after we cut the kick space off.


When we add the cabinet doors, they will butt right up to the floors so we need to add a 3" base that will lift up the cabinet and have a space to attach the trim to as some point.

The LOML is fantastic at creating cutting contraptions for our hand saw.


So we cut 1×4 boards into four sided boxes that fit into the crevice under each cabinet.

CAN_3788 CAN_3789

We used our nail gun that we bought for our guest bathroom redo to nail each piece into the cabinet.


Here's what the cabinets look like all done (but not really all done!)

CAN_3792 CAN_3793

The family room is coming along nicely. Not fast enough for me though. If you know me at all, I do everything at warp speed. The LOML is a great complement to me because he does everything as slow as molasses in the winter! Got to love the man!!


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Hope y'all are having a great week so far. I'm enjoying having all my kids home from school for the summer. Oh yea, and sleeping in!!!



Love y'all,



  1. Eric Goldman says:

    So we are considering doing a similar project for my kids study room and we were looking at using restore base cabinets as well. My wife is concerned about the height of the cabinets. I believe even after you ripped out the kick space, you still had a height that exceeded 30", correct? Our current desk area is 27.5-28" from the floor to the bottom of the work surface. That will add 3-5" to the overall height. Was that a concern for the desk area at all?

    • Hey Eric~When we first started looking for used cabinets, we did look for desk cabinets so the height would be 30″. No luck. We decided on using base cabinets so our desk is 34″ high. We just bought a chair that raises higher up. The kids seem to like the higher desk. Hope that helps. Good luck on your kids’ study area. I know they’ll love it!! Merry Christmas! ~Linda

  2. Im thinking of doing something similar, but for a entertainment center. I was just wondering, why couldn’t you just cut the kick spaces down to three inches insted of cutting it all off then adding three inches of your own? Just curious. Great work!

    • Hey thanks for coming and reading. And thank you for your kind words. The reason we cut the kick space down was because it wasn’t tall enough. We needed it to be taller to fit the baseboard we added. Hope that helps. ~Linda