RIPPING OUT BASEBOARD ~ and getting a little frustration out!

We were very busy this weekend getting a little frustration out and getting a lot of work done all at the same time!


We're building built-in bookcases on one whole side of our family room. I've primed the ReStore cabinets we bought with two coats of KILZ.


Tomorrow I'll paint two coats of white paint and they'll be pretty as a picture.


We also ripped out the baseboard from where the cabinets will be attached to the wall.


I'm sorry for the poor quality of the picture.

We had a hard time removing the baseboard because about 3/4" was below the wood floors so we prodded and pried and prodded and pried some more. What worked for us was getting a long screwdriver under the baseboard and pushing up. 

PicMonkey Collagefr2

PicMonkey Collagefr4

While we were doing all the trim removal, we also removed the trim from around the fireplace. We filled in the tv niche ealier this month. We will build a brand new fireplace mantel hopefully in the near future.

PicMonkey Collagefireplace

The trim came off pretty easy with a hammer and pry bar and a little elbow grease. Be careful of all the nails.


Before we put the cabinets where we wanted them to go, the LOML found and marked where the studs are so we will know where to attach the cabinets to the wall for a strong hold. We used this stud finder.




We got a lot done this weekend. 


Our kids are off for the summer so we'll be doing a lot of fun family things for the next month. Hopefully, we'll squeeze in some family projects, too 🙂


Hope you enjoyed your weekend. 



Love y'all,