TIME CAN STAND STILL ~ while I change the clock

Remember the clock I made?


I was standing in McDonalds a few weeks ago with the LOML and as he was paying, I looked on the clock hanging on the wall.  It was a beautiful Roman numeral wall clock. I looked at it for awhile before it dawned on me what was different about it when compared to my clock. The numbers on my clock weren't exactly right.


This is what the clock looked like

roman numeral clock


Do you see the difference between the "correct" one and mine??? Well, I couldn't have that!!


So I redid my clock so it was right!


Ah!! So much better don't you think?!


Who has been watching Wimbledon this week? I was rooting for Sabine Lisicki and I felt so bad when she lost to Marion Bartoli. She was getting so frustated because everything was going wrong for her.  Bartoli and the English crowd were very courteous to her. That touched me! I was also rooting for Andy Murray. He looked great and what a win for England after 77 years!! I just love when both players say kind words about their opponent. No trash talking here!

Two of my kids go back to school tomorrow. Yes, they are in year-round school. They had the whole month of June off, then they go back right after July 4th. They're off again for three weeks in September. I love year-round school.

Back to waking up early. Hopefully, I'll get some good projects done.

How are you enjoying your summer?



Love y'all,