The LOML is in heaven getting to play with all his new toys tools. He spends hours reading and listening to videos about how to use them to build the built-in bookcases we're building in our family room.

The first tool he learned about was the table saw. I wrote about that here.


We've cut all the wood. This awful picture is the only thing I have to give you a picture of what is going on in my head.


There will be two sets of  bookcases, one on each side of the desk which is in the middle. There will be three sections on each side. We are building each section separately so each section has two sides, a top and four shelves.


Which leads me to our next tool:



This little tool is what we used to cut dado cuts into each side which the shelf will slide into.



First, the LOML did his research and built this cool adjustable dado jig.


We put the board that we wanted to cut underneath the jig. Then we put the shelf into the slot and adjusted the jig for a snug fit.  After removing the shelf, the router cuts a perfectly sized dado into the board following the channel in the middle of the jig. Whoever invented this jig was a GENIUS!!! It made our job so much easier and our cuts so accurate. 

Forty-eight dado cuts later (oh yea and about 200,000 practice cuts first) and we were experts at this dado cutting!!!! The LOML even let me do a few. It was fun!! 


PicMonkey Collagedado1 PicMonkey Collagedado2 PicMonkey Collagedado3


So, all the wood is cut with our new table saw and the dado cuts are completed with the router. Next tool we used is the nail gun to attach the shelves to the sides of the bookcase. I'll share that with you tomorrow.


Enjoy your weekend!


Love y'all,



  1. Did you attach the book shelves to the butcherblock at all? I love your design, we are finally up and working on it today. We have two bookcases separated by the fire place, so I am a little concerned about it moving all over the place with only one side nailed into the wall.

    • Hey Leisa~ The shelves are not attached to the desk. The bookcase is securely attached to the wall as is the desk. The shelves cannot move! Hope that helps. Good luck with your project! ~Linda